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Artist's render of the University of Twente's High Tech Foundry for silicon nitride production in Enschede.

A New Silicon Nitride Foundry in Enschede

Paul van Gerven of Bits & Chips magazine spoke to our CEO Arne Leinse and CTO René Heideman about the new silicon nitride foundry planned for Enschede. The foundry will allow medium volume chip production in the region.
volume fabricated RGB light engines for AR

Scalable laser module for AR: A first look at wafer-level fabrication

Last week we published sneak preview photos of a whole wafer of structures that will go into highly scalable and compact AR laser modules.
An integrated photonic laser made by a laser design engineer

Three hottest integrated photonics applications for silicon nitride

CEO Arne Leinse gives his overview of silicon nitride integrated photonics and the hottest applications right now.
hybrid integrated laser to go into quantum cryostat

LioniX laser impresses the cool kids

A LioniX International laser has shown consistent output power in cryogenic temperatures, paving the way for use in super-cooled quantum research.
QuiX quantum processing control unit

Quantum photonic processor successes

LioniX International TriPleX™ waveguides are at the heart of quantum photonic processors sold to research institutions across Europe.
Light propagating in a Haar transform optical chip fabricated via our visible light multi project wafer.

TriPleX® for image processing

A group of researchers have used LioniX International technology to build a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that drastically compresses image data.
photonic biosensor chip on a fingertip

Photonic biosensor applied to aquaculture: SensiChip

LioniX International reduce cost and size of photonic biosensor chips for a new biosensor for fish farms
a photonic integrated diagnostic biosensor chip showing aMZI transducers

Photonics, Fluidics and (volume) Fabrication

What are the benefits to diagnostics of photonic biosensors? And how is vertical integration driving biosensor development at LioniX International?
international day of light video

LioniX International video celebrates International Day of Light 2021

We look at the contributions that light based technology is making to vital applications in communications, biosensing and imaging.
narrow linewidth 850nm tunable laser

LioniX joins project on integrated photonics for point-to-point laser broadband

We're excited to be supporting a new joint project to develop superfast wireless optical communication.

Optical beamforming success heralds responsive broadband networks

Broadband mobile networks that respond to localized demand are a step closer thanks to wireless communications technology reported by LioniX International and partners this month.

Considering a Multi Project Wafer Run?

We've put together an infographic to help you avoid common pitfalls and give you a starting point for PIC designing.