MEMS Manufacturing

We are a leading independent MEMS foundry specializing in small and medium production volumes. We support you through process development and engineering phases before moving to production.

Through process used extensively in MEMS manufacturing, we also offer microfabrication services for miniaturized components for a applications in instrumentation, life sciences and space.

A custom MEMS wafer showing individual MEMS chips

With a full range of MEMS technology and process capabilities for MEMS fabrication and microfabrication we also operate as a MEMS outsourcing foundry and can support you with fabrication of an existing MEMS design.

Small to medium volumes for high quality custom MEMS fabrication

In the production run phase of a MEMS design and manufacturing project, all process and design parameters are fixed and no further development is needed. Specifications are set and responsibility on yield is with us.

As a custom MEMS fabrication specialist offering small and medium sized production volumes, we pay particular attention to quality control. We test and inspect every single chip, delivering your custom MEMS device on-time and to specification. We deliver diced chips on bluefoil or tested chips in trays with CofC and measurement reports.