Photonic biosensor applied to aquaculture: SensiChip

LioniX International has reduced the cost and size of it’s photonic biosensor chips, continuing development of a biosensor to detect pathogens in fish farms. The aquaculture sensor will improve stock health and prevent economic losses for farms.

With sensitivity at least as high as other chip-based tests, the LioniX International platform is also valuable because of its adaptability. Originally developed for human cancer diagnostics, LioniX International is now collaborating with Diagnostics company Qurin Diagnostics and aquaculture innovators Tunatech to apply the technology to detect genetic material from water-borne pathogens.

The three companies are developing the new technology in the SensiChip project, part of ROCKET (RegiOnal Collaboration on Key Enabling Technologies) funded by the EU INTERREG program. Read more about SensiChip on the ROCKET website.