Optical MEMS with ultra-low loss TriPleX® silicon nitride

LioniX International creates high added value optical MEMS (MOEMS) and optofluidics devices. Such devices combine the functionality of MEMS or microfluidics with the power of integrated optics.

Red light signals in the TriPleX waveguides of a photic integrated circuit

Integrated optics expertise

Our expertise in the combination of MEMS and optics is founded on more than 20 years of technological development. Our primary  technology is TriPleX®. This is our proprietary silicon nitride photonic platform for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We are a leading player in PIC systems including assembly, control electronics and integration of light sources and detectors. Our PICs are used for datacom/telecom, applications and for optical sensors in life sciences.

TriPleX® formulation: LPCVD Si3N4 (silicon nitride)

TriPleX® waveguides offer excellent optical and mechanical performance due to its unique cross sectional geometry. Alternate layers of LPCVD silicon nitride and LPCVD TEOS create a thick waveguide without the problematic layer stresses of monolayer silicon nitride waveguides.

Schematic and SEM microscope images showing different TriPleX® waveguide geometries

Applications: OCT, flow cytometer and photonic sensing

TriPleX® is well suited to applications life sciences due to its transparency to visible wavelengths of light. Such applications include fluorescence microscopy, DNA-sequencing, flow-cytometry and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Photonic sensors

Photonics offers unique capabilities for sensing applications. LioniX International has fabricated components capable of detecting changes in photonic signal parameters with very high sensitivity. These components can be used in different photonic sensors such as an absorption sensor, evanescent field sensor or refractive index sensor.