Photolithography for MEMS

Using lithography for MEMS enables the realization of nanometer-scale structures and can be used to prepare photoresists for etching steps as well as lift-off for deposition steps.

LioniX International offers a full range of photolithography for MEMS production. Our MEMS photolithography technology includes:

  • Proximity and contact lithography.
  • Stepper process for high lithography resolution
  • e-beam lithography for very small feature size and high resolution

We apply these technologies to support key capabilities including:

  • Transfer of photoresist (positive and negative)
  • Transfer of thick photoresist for deep reactive ion etching (DRIE)
  • Lift-off process for use with deposition steps
  • Application of polyimide inert protective layer

We are also equipped to heat-treat (post-bake) lithographically coated surfaces using furnaces and hotplates.