Photonic integrated circuit packaging and assembly

Even the best photonic integrated circuits are unusable without careful packaging and assembly. Whether it’s for seamless integration, efficient operation, easy characterization or robust performance, we specialize in assembly and packaging approaches to maximize the value of your device.

As a vertically integrated company, LioniX International offers solutions and services for photonic integrated circuit packaging and assembly at all volume levels and development stages. From prototypes, demonstration models and small-volume end products to volume production runs. We offer both standardized and custom PIC packaging services to meet any requirement.

Standardized packaging solutions for photonic integrated circuits

For cost effective, robust and hassle-free interfaces with your PIC for easy characterization and testing, our Characterization Packaging Service (CPS) is the ideal photonic packaging for research and development and prototyping. It is excellent for use as part of our multi project wafer (MPW) service.

We currently offer four variants of our CPS packages with different form factors and numbers of electrical and optical interfaces. Each package includes:

  • Fibre bundle interfacing and strain relief
  • PCB submount
  • Wirebonded electronic interfaces to ribbon cables
  • Mounting to gold plated copper block for heat management

Custom packaging and assembly capabilities for photonic integrated circuits

Our services provide for your complete optical system. From singulation and characterization of bare chips and pieces of wafers. Services include:

Fiber or fiber array to PIC coupling

Fibre couplings can be a significant source of loss in your optical system. With over 30 person-years of experience of fibre coupling, we have the expertise and technology to ensure your fibre interfaces are not your weak link. We work with integrated optical materials like InP, SOI, glass or silicon nitride TriPleX®. We specialise in attaching single mode fibers or specialty fibers one or multiple facets of the PIC.

Hybrid integration PIC to PIC

Hybrid integration combines the benefits of more than one photonic integrated circuit technology to deliver impressive functionality, for example in direct coupling of indium phosphide active PICs to passive silicon nitride PICs. This approach requires precise management of light, PIC interfaces and alignment to ensure proper operation. We work with spotsize and pitch conversion between single mode fiber and high contrast PICs and offer services to assemble multiple PICs directly.

Standard and specialty fiber arrays

We offer standard single mode fiber arrays as well as specialty fiber arrays. These spcialized fibres include polarization maintaining or non-telecom fibers or have multiple fiber types in a single fiber array. We also offer very thin fiber arrays.

Integration of electronics with PIC submount

For applications requiring a PIC to be driven through an electronic interface we integrate different types of electrical interfaces. Our services include wirebonding and flip-chipping to PCB or ceramics.

Mircofluidic and optofluidic interfaces

Combine the power of integrated optics and fluidic handing. We design solutions for fluidic cartridges, lab-on-a-chip systems and interfaces that integrate seamlessly with integrated optical functionality.

Photonic component package

We offer several standard and customized packages for prototype assembly. The PIC assembly is wirebonded and strain-reliefs are added to create a robust module. Active temperature control is established through use of peltier elements and customized heatsinks to suit your application best.

Custom packaging and assembly examples

For modules that perfectly address your needs, we create custom packages and assemblies. These benefit from high levels of integration and interfaces and housings that are tailored to your industry.

Examples of custom packaging:

Radio frequency (RF) connectivity

Optical beamforming module with:

  • Hybrid integration of different PICs
  • Custom PCB
  • Active indium phosphide modulators and photodiodes with passive silicon nitride beamforming network
  • RF in RF out, for integration into communications networks.

Hybrid tunable laser butterfly package

Our PIC based tunable external cavity laser:

  • Convenient butterfly package
  • Hybrid integrated PICs: active gain medium and passive external cavity

Custom laser specifications are available. Read more about tunable lasers.