Multi Project Wafer

Our Multi Project Wafer services (MPW) for silicon nitride integrated photonic circuits (PICs) gives you access to the benefits of ultra low-loss TriPleX® waveguide technology in an easy, affordable way.

In an MPW for photonic integrated circuits, we fabricate designs from several users on the same wafer of substrate. This approach controls costs and simplifies the design process, using standardized production steps and materials. The result is affordable access to leading PIC technology for low volume applications like academic research, R+D and prototyping.

Technology highlights

  • MPW runs for 1550nm, 850nm and visible light
  • Low loss performance: <0.5 dB/cm @ 1.55µm with proprietary TriPleX® silicon nitride waveguides
  • Excellent fiber coupling to waveguides with unique asymmetric double stripe cross-section
  • Easy and effective device layout with standardized building blocks

Who uses our silicon nitride MPW runs?

Our multi project wafer run is a great fit when you:

  • Are exploring integrated photonics’ possibilities
  • Just need a few chips for your design
  • Are investigating what technology fits your application
  • Are looking for the lowest entry costs

A silicon nitride chip available in an MPW run

Benefit from very low propagation loss across a very broad wavelength range with TriPleX® silicon nitride waveguides.

We were excited to access silicon nitride technology through the LioniX International MPW. Our application required really low-loss photonics in chip volumes appropriate to our early-stage technology. The design tools and building-blocks gave us and our partners an efficient way of doing the functional design and the packaging services saved us valuable time on our end.

Additional services for with your MPW

  • Process Design Kit (PDK) available in different tools: Synopsys and Nazca
  • Access training on design tools, design support and design kit
  • Characterization and Packaging Service (CPS): a cost-effective solution to optimize the use of your new PIC leveraging our expertise in fiber coupling and electronics design.
  • Further fabrication steps: trench etching for heat localization and fluidics, glass bonding and fluidic connections.