Multi Project Wafer Services

Our Multi Project Wafer services (MPW) for silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits (PICs) gives you access to the benefits of ultra low-loss TriPleX® waveguide technology in an easy, affordable way.

What is a multi-project wafer?

A multi-project wafer is a cleanroom production pipeline in which multiple projects can share space on one wafer. An MPW allows users to experiment with photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chips without committing to customized circuit designs or dedicated fabrication runs. By using reliable building block designs and standardized production processes, we make sure that your chips are fabricated at minimum costs without compromising on quality.

Benefits of our multi-project wafer service

  • Wafer runs optimized for C-band at 1550 nm, near-IR at 850 nm, and visible light at 400-700 nm.
  • Low loss performance: ≤0.1 dB/cm at 1550 nm using proprietary TriPleX® silicon nitride waveguides.
  • Excellent coupling between fibers and waveguides with unique asymmetric double stripe waveguide profile.
  • Easy and effective device layouts with standardized building blocks.

When you should consider our silicon nitride MPW runs

Multi project wafer service from LioniX International

Benefit from very low propagation loss across a very broad wavelength range with TriPleX® silicon nitride waveguides.

Multi project wafer runs are particularly useful when you:

  • Are exploring integrated photonics’ possibilities.
  • Have an idea in the research phase.
  • Just need a few chips for your design.
  • Are investigating what technology fits your application.
  • Are looking for the lowest entry costs.

“We were excited to access silicon nitride technology through the LioniX International MPW. Our application required really low-loss photonics in chip volumes appropriate to our early-stage technology. The design tools and building-blocks gave us and our partners an efficient way of doing the functional design and the packaging services saved us valuable time on our end.”

“As a developer of PIC based products for third parties, Bright Photonics has seen a predictable and very good performance from LioniX MPW run PICs over the last years, which makes it an excellent platform for SiN prototyping for us.”

Additional multi project wafer services

We recognize that you might want more than just your design fabricated on a chip. Thus, even in our multi project wafer program, we let our vertically integrated process add extra bang for your buck. Here’s the rundown:

  • Our process design kit (PDK) is available through different design platforms from Synopsys, Nazca, and Luceda.
  • You get access to training for our design tools and additional design support.
  • Additional post-fabrication steps are available on request, including trench etching for heat localization and fluidics, glass bonding, and fluidic connections.
  • You can make use of our expertise in fiber coupling and electronics design in our cost-effective packaging solution: the Characterization and Packaging Service (CPS).
A photograph of a dummy multi-project wafer chip in our characterization package which includes fiber arrays, electronic interconnects, stress reliefs, and a copper block for thermal management.

Our chips may be packaged on request, so you can directly start characterizing your design as soon as you receive it.