“We want Twente to become the place-to-be for silicon nitride”

Paul van Gerven of Bits & Chips magazine spoke to our CEO Arne Leinse and CTO René Heideman about the new silicon nitride foundry planned for Enschede. The foundry, an initiative from the University of Twente which we are proud to support, will allow medium volume chip production in the region.

LioniX was founded in Enschede over twenty years ago. Our vision always kept Twente in sight, with the goal of transfiguring some of its technological research and expertise from academic excellence to productive prowess. With our continued success, and the development of the photonic integrated circuit market in general, we are happy to help the University be the beating industrial heart of Twente.

Artist‘s render of the University of Twente’s High Tech Foundry for silicon nitride production in Enschede.

An early render of the new silicon nitride foundry planned for Enschede. The foundry will be used by LioniX International and other companies for photonic integrated circuit fabrication.

The foundry also represents Dutch confidence in integrated photonics as their new engineering specialty. With €1.1B earmarked for the industry, further growth and development is only another step in the path. The University of Twente shares our enthusiasm about the future. MESA+’s scientific director Guus Rijnders is featured in the article, and fills in the University’s perspective on the project.

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