Scalable laser module for AR: A first look at wafer-level fabrication

volume fabricated RGB light engines for AR

Just 3mm across, these volume-fabricated structures form the basis of LioniX International’s integrated RGB laser light module for AR headsets. Not only are they superbly small, they are also incredibly scalable in production.

The source of these attributes is the CMOS-like fabrication and assembly steps. These processes happen in highly scalable automated runs, where structures are fabricated or integrated directly into bulk substrate, so called wafer-level production.

Furthermore, alignment accuracy and robustness is also improved by integrated fabrication. Components like beam combiners can be fabricated on chip and laser diodes aligned within tens of nanometers. And once built, they do not shake loose!

So for system builders, whether in augmented reality of beyond, integrated photonics offers unbeatable scalability and improvements in alignment, scalability in robustness.

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