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LioniX silicon nitride chip

Quantum scientists give Triplex® a HUG to entangle single photons

A group of scientists conducted a Bell test on energy-time entangled photons on TriPleX®. The test used our PIC to address the post-selection loophole, important for information security in quantum key distribution.
LioniX dual hybrid InP/Si3N4 laser assembly

Want lower RF drift? Double down on laser PICs!

Integrating two lasers into a TriPleX PIC device for satellite telecommunications leads to 10 times higher stability of radio frequency signals than those generated by lasers on separate PICs.
A picture of a custom packaging for a specific opto-fluidic solution for cell flow, illumination, and detection.

Optofluidic Cytometer in a TriPleX Silicon Nitride Photonic Chip

By combining integrated photonics and microfluidics within a TriPleX® chip, we contributed to the development of a pioneering device, marking a stride toward achieving a fully integrated on-chip flow cytometer.
Photo of the repeater module with the package open.

On Chip Photonic Repeater for High Throughput Satellites

Next generation high-throughput satellites could be enabled with Photonic Integrated Circuits. Read more about the FIRST fully on-chip photonic repeater developed at LioniX.
Inventing TriPleX

Waveguide Technology Innovations: The Story of the Invention (And Reinvention) of TriPleX®

Eureka moments arise from persistence and coincidence. This is the story of how TriPleX®, our layered silicon nitride platform was born.
A picture of the hybrid assembly and the PCB around it.

Integrated Photonics Modules for Better Synthetic Aperture Radars

Earth monitoring from Space obstacles are addressed with the first-ever Photonic-Assisted Receiver Module for synthetic aperture radar.
Minimizing coupling losses with silicon nitride waveguide tapers

Minimizing coupling losses: a multi-dimensional approach with silicon nitride waveguide tapers

Our TriPleX waveguides have coupling losses as low as 0.3 dB. Not only the width but also the depth of the waveguides can be tapered.
Close-up of our tunable laser in a 14-pin butterfly package.

Integrated tunable laser at 800 nm

We have developed an 800 nm ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser built in a TriPleX silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit.

Custom External Cavity Tunable Lasers

The broad transparency of our photonic platform means that we can develop an external cavity tunable laser for any wavelength between 2350 and 405 nm.
The benchtop solution developed by LioniX International, including the ROADM PIC and its ancillary components.

Hotspot 4K Video Streaming With Integrated Photonics

Using phased array antennae and a TriPleX-powered multiplexer, our partners demonstrated 5G network infrastructure able to provide 4K video streaming at a football stadium.
Schematic of the experimental setup using a structured light trap. Left: Layout of the trap electrodes and photonic structures. Right: Schematic of the intensity profile of the light field.

Photonic Ion Traps Help Break New Ground in Quantum Processing

Silicon nitride, with its low optical losses and passive components, allowed researchers in ETH Zurich to implement novel ion traps, new qubit preparation protocols, fine ion control with structured light, and high-purity circular light polarizations.

Day of Photonics 2022 Edition!

We had a small celebration of the Day of Photonics at LioniX International, and we decided to give you a sneak peek at the basic science behind our work and what makes it so innovative.