Manufacturing services for your custom MEMS device

Our comprehensive range of MEMS manufacturing services is available to you as part of your own MEMS design and manufacturing flow. Similarly, we offer full outsourcing of MEMS development and engineering as well as production as a partner with deep expertise in custom MEMS co-development.

mems wafers used in mems processes

Single step wafer services

Processes available on 100m and 150mm wafers include wafer bonding, deposition or oxidation.

  • LPCVD Low stress silicon rich nitride (SiRN)
  • LPCVD stoichiometric nitride (Si3N4)
  • Thermal oxidation (SiO2)
  • Metal evaporation

MEMS manufacturing process capabilities

For custom MEMS co-development we also offer a large range of etching and deposition MEMS wafer capabilities on a variety of substrates. See our separate pages on MEMS technology and MEMS process capabilities for full details.