Photonic integrated circuit Development

We believe in the huge power of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology to drive your innovation. Therefore, to enable you as product developers full access to the power of advanced photonic integrated circuits we have developed a specific product development approach.

PICs offer incredible advantages across diverse applications. But a PIC alone offers little value unless it has the connectivity and function to support integration and performance in your system. Furthermore, as the users of PIC enabled technology become more diverse, effective photonic integrated circuit development depends on vital insights from expert end-users.

This is why we specialize in “thinking along” with you throughout the entire photonic integrated circuit development process. By doing so we co-develop whole-system solutions that address your most complex challenges.

To enable this approach, we bring our vertically integrated capability to ensure your custom photonic integrated circuit development integrates perfectly and delivers real value in your system. This means understanding system parameters and designing and assembling a module with all of the electronic, thermal and mechanical interfaces required to put it to work.

PIC development phases

Our unique approach to PIC development consists of the three broad phases below. Irrespective of your experience with PIC solutions and no matter how far along with your development you are, we can support your product development success.

integrated photonic circuit development process at LioniX International

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integrated photonics using visible light

Silicon-nitride modules

Our Photonic Integrated Circuits are based on silicon-nitride based waveguides. Our proprietary waveguide concept is called TriPleX technology. It has the lowest...