Silicon on insulator (SOI) wafer processing for MEMS

Silicon on insulator wafers (SOI wafers) offer excellent performance for advanced MEMS devices. SOI is a three-layered silicon-insulator-silicon substrate. This structure enables superior electrical and mechanical performance compared to silicon wafers.

LioniX International work with a range of SOI suppliers and as a one-stop-shop, we can find the right supplier for your application. We can process the wafers in our cleanroom based on your requirements.

scanning electron microscope image (SEM) image of a silicon on insulator SOI MEMS

Silicon on Insulator wafer processing capabilities

SOI wafers are compatible with most of our clean room manufacturing processes. Specific capabilities for SOI wafer processing include:

  • DRIE through device layer
  • Release etch (BOX layer)
  • Bonding and handle etchback
  • Trench fill process

SOI wafer specifications

We offer custom layer thickness and BOX thickness tailored to your application by working with the most appropriate supplier of silicon on insulator wafers for your specification.