LioniX joins project on integrated photonics for point-to-point laser broadband

We’re excited to be supporting a new joint project to develop superfast wireless optical communication. The project, nicknamed Optical Wireless Superhighways, will develop broadband wireless technology using laser light instead of radio waves.

Wireless optical communication offers incredible flexibility because it does not rely on fibers to carry a signal. But more exciting is the information density possible with laser communication. Because light has a far shorter wavelength than radio waves, signals can carry far more information. However, before the technology can be deployed, researchers need to find ways of dealing with disturbances that happen when the laser beam interacts with air.

Integrated photonic circuit modules such as this tunable laser offer great potential for laser communication due to their size, precision and flexibility. 

To find out how silicon nitride integrated photonics can meet laser communication challenges, LioniX International is contributing its expertise to the research consortium led by the Technical University of Delft.

The project succeeded in attracting funding from the 32 million-euro Dutch Perspectief program and brings together university and industrial partners. Other partners in the wireless optical communication consortium include LioniX International spinouts QuiX BV, who are working on quantum encryption of signals and PhiX BV who bring their expertise in packaging integrated photonic modules.