PECVD processes at LioniX

LioniX International offers PECVD services for MEMS production with a range of dielectric and insulator materials.

The PECVD process enables greater film thickness — up to several µm —  than LPCVD and offers improved stress control within deposited films. Growth with the PECVD is non conformal, i.e. layers exhibit voids at sharp edges.

Available PECVD processes

PECVD silicon nitride SixNy

PECVD silicon nitride can be used as a passivation or dielectric layer and exhibits good chemical and physical wear resistance properties.

PECVD silicon dioxide SiO2

Low temperatures and high deposition rates make PECVD silicon dioxide compatible with a range of applications. It is used as a passivation or dielectric layer for MEMS devices, or as a cladding for optical waveguides

Borophosphosilicate glass BPSG

BPSG is a valuable intermediate layer used to protect underlying substrate layers and wafer bonding.