Countdown to OFC 2024: Experience our Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Integrated CW Tunable Laser at 1310 nm Demo at Booth #4224, Co-Developped with Sivers, Quntifi & Chilas!

We introduced a new O-band entry in our laser development line! Compact, reliable, and ready for action- the 1310 nm laser is perfect for tele- and data-com systems, sensors manufacturers, OEMs, and advanced labs. The laser is the results of the collaborative efforts of photonic experts in light generation, integrated laser development, characterization, and measurement. Now it is time to see it in action at OFC 2024 – demo at LioniX International booth!

 SOA by Sivers Photonics

The semiconductor amplifier chip producing the light is developed by Sivers Photonics. The 800 um long chip is an efficient electrical pump able to power the assembly for a final output power of 2.5 dBm at 240 mA.

➡️Find Sivers Photonics at OFC at booth 4900

Laser external cavity chip and electronics by LioniX

The silicon nitride laser reflector chip uses TriPleX® waveguides to ensure a high-Q external cavity. It features microring resonators and thermo-optics tuners for phase and wavelength, as well as unique spot size converters which reduce optical losses at the chip-to-chip and chip-to-fiber interfaces to a minimum. LioniX also contributed its feature-complete laser driver box, developed in-house.

➡️Find LioniX International at OFC at booth 4224

Close-up of our tunable laser in a 14-pin butterfly package.

Semiconductor optical amplifier


TriPleX® external cavity


Output fiber array


Wire-bonded package, pluggable into our tunable laser drivers

Testing and characterization by Chilas

Early results reported by Chilas demonstrated the laser’s 25 nm tuning range, from 1298 nm to 1325 nm, with 40 dB sidemode suppression ratio. It confirmed the laser’s output power of 2.5 dBm at 240 mA.

Demonstrated with Quantifi Photonics

The live demonstration is enabled by Quantifi Photonics’ OSA-1000 series. Low cost, fast spectral measurement in a compact module with built-in analysis including SMSR, OSNR and spectral width. Grating-based spectral test and measurement ideal for the testing of optical sources, amplifiers, transceivers and passive optical components. Available in a range of wavelengths for targeted applications.

➡️Find Quantifi Photonics at OFC booth 1331

LioniX International at OFC

Our OFC expo team is ready to get into the details of our silicon nitride TriPleX® platform and how we can customize it for your application. As a vertically integrated solution provider, we can take ideas from a functional design to a packaged device with scalable processes for variable production volumes. To help spark some ideas, we have a collection of PIC-powered modules designed for a multitude of different applications, from telecom to the life science. At the heart of each module is a PIC with all the necessary support systems for its function, like strain-relieved fiber arrays for light input and/or output, electrical interconnections for driver electronics, and thermal management, all wrapped up in industry-standard packages. We’ll also be part of the conference! Join our CSO Chris Roeloffzen talk in the Track S – Systems and Subsystems about Photonic Integrated Circuits for Space Communications.

At the Heart of the Party

Prefer a more relaxed setting? We got you covered. The Red Lions of LioniX will also be at ITF Photonics USA on Sunday the 24th. A day later, we will also attend the Optica Executive Forum on Monday the 25th. Later in the week, on Wednesday the 27th, we will also be at the EPIC VIP Networking Reception. And if you know somewhere else you’d rather meet us, just get in touch through the link below!