Applications of photonic integrated circuits

LioniX International develops photonic integrated circuits  (PICs) to improve performance and reduce cost, power consumption and size in high-tech applications.

Our proprietary silicon nitride waveguide platform is particularly suited to a new wave of high-value-added applications because of its very low propagation loss, broad transparency range and inherent adaptability.

As well as responding to the needs of new applications, LioniX International has deep expertise in serving the traditional telecom, datacom and satcom sectors, where its technology expertise is driving the development of a next generation of signal processing systems.

Photonic integrated circuit applications at LioniX International

An image of a quantum photonic silicon nitride chip with a coupled light source, manufactured by LioniX International

Quantum photonics

Quantum photonic integrated circuits will play a key role in the coming quantum age, providing compact, scalable and high performing platforms for a host of new technologies. As a quantum technology LioniX International integrated photonic circuits offer low losses, excellent compatibility and scalability.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Being transparent over a long wavelength range, silicon-nitride based TriPleX® photonic integrated circuits are applied in many applications outside the communication band. In the medical market the application of Optical Coherence Tomography is gaining more and more interest. In ophthalmology OCT ...
a visible light MPW chip with red green and blue waveguides

AR and VR Technology

Photonic integrated circuits are key components in wearable retinal projection technology, enabling precise control of red, green and blue projector beams for augmented and virtual reality applications.
A photonic integrated circuit module for integrated microwave photonics

Integrated microwave photonics

The hybrid microwave photonics platform enables high-frequency signal processing and provides significant benefits over conventional free-space optics systems and RF-circuitry. The unique properties of our proprietary integrated photonics platform are imperative in beamforming applications in 5G wireless mobile networks, Satellite communication, Aerospace communication and Quantum processing.
narrow linewidth 850nm tunable laser

Ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser

Our hybrid assembly approach to silicon-nitride based photonic integrated circuits is applied in our narrow-linewidth tunable laser. This laser has an ultra-narrow linewidth and is tunable over a the whole C-band. The combination of wavelength accuracy with tunability makes ...
A photonic integrated circuit module using structured light for lidar and optical phased arrays

Optical phased arrays

Miniature optical phased arrays (OPAs) are powering a revolution in high-resolution remote sensing. We develop miniature solid-state optical phased arrays for applications in automotive, industrial and earth imaging.
individual photonic integrated biosensor chips

Photonic biosensor

Photonic biosensors combine the sensitivity and speed of photonic sensing with bio recognition elements to enable label-free rapid testing in a compact chip. The underlying photonic technology can be adapted to detect an unrivalled range of biological agents ranging from DNA, proteins and cells to environmental pollutants and food contaminants.