Photonics Foundry For Scalable Volumes

LioniX International offers foundry services for silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit (PIC) manufacturing from our state of the art photonics fabrication facility (photonics fab) in Enschede in the east of the Netherlands.

Photonic integrated circuit manufacturing services

The production site, including a 1250 m2 cleanroom is offers quality standards and production capabilities for cutting edge, high volume photonic integrated circuit production. At the same time, and unlike ultra high-volume fabrication plants (fabs), we retain sufficient flexibility to prototype and define new production steps when developing photonic integrated circuits.

LioniX International therefore offer photonic foundry services for:

  • Academic and commercial research and development
  • Prototyping of photonic integrated circuits
  • Custom process development for photonic IC production
  • Niche or low volume fabrication of photonic ICs
  • Medium to high production volumes for photonic IC manufacturing
  • Scalable volume photonic packaging and assembly services
A silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit silicon nitride manufactured in a volume foundry

Seamless process transfer for PIC manufacturing

As a vertically integrated manufacturer of PIC modules, we offer seamless transfer from small volumes (through our multi project wafer runs) through to high volume dedicated production runs. In addition, with design, simulation manufacture and testing services in house, your development benefits from shared knowledge between complementary competencies at each stage of the process.