Wafer bonding at LioniX International

Our range of wafer bonding processes are suitable for silicon wafer bonding as well as the bonding of other materials such as substrates with metal films  and glass. This wafer bonding technology is used to cover microfluidic channels, create vacuum chambers within devices and in aligned bonding to stack processed layers. It is also a critical wafer level packaging process for 3D packaging to protect MEMS in operation.

Wafer bonding technology

LioniX has expertise in silicon wafer bonding, as well as bonding of Si and SiO­2, BPSG bonding and bonding of gold and glasses.

Our wafer bonding technology includes:

  • Direct bonding
  • Anodic bonding
  • Thermocompression bonding
  • Eutectic bonding
  • Adhesive bonding.