LioniX International specialize in combining the advantages of microfluidics and integrated optical systems into one high-added value optofluidic chip. These chips benefit from integrated functionality for use in lab-on-chip and biosensors and for applications in space, life sciences and instrumentation.

Integrated photonics for optical MEMS

As a pioneer in low-loss photonic integrated circuits, we specialize in the design and fabrication of ultra-sensitive integrated photonic imaging, sensing and metrology components on-chip.

Our TriPleX® photonic integrated circuit platform is particularly valuable in this context. Firstly because it operates with an exceptionally broad range of wavelengths of light, including visible light. And secondly because it performs with very low optical losses.

Our optofluidic chips based on optical MEMS add higher level functionality to microfluidic chips, enabling small, robust devices with high performance characteristics.

Microfluidic systems

LioniX International has significant experience with integrating microfluidics into MEMS chips for fully functional systems. Such systems can also include chip holders, fluidic interfacing, electronic- and software control.

Optofluidics chip using customized MEMS technology

Optofluidic chip fabricated in fused silica comprised of a microreactor with integrated optical sensor for measurement of absorption at 405 and 532 nm.

Optofluidics systems that deliver

We support a wide range of industries with customized optofluidic systems with a powerful features. Examples of integrated functionality include components for:

Optical MEMS solution examples

Recent applications of LioniX International optical MEMS capabilities include:
ESA Lifemarker chip – an immunoassay chip to detect traces of life on Mars.