microneedles fabricated for life science applications using MEMS

Microneedles used for a Point of Care technology enabling the non-invasive monitoring of a biomarker. In this case, lactate was measured in endurance athletes based on an amperometric principle and the binding of enzymes to the needle tips.


BioMEMS is the field in which MEMS are utilized for biomedical or biological applications, both for R&D and for commercial use. BioMEMS overlaps with other fields in microtechnology such as Lab-on-a-Chip, microfluidics optofluidics and Biosensors. BioMEMS find their use in for example:

  • Point of care Diagnostics
  • Drug screening and Customized drugs
  • Organ on a chip (OOC)
  • Genomics
  • Microarrays for DNA sequencing
  • Drug delivery
  • Analysis
  • Cell culturing
  • Microsurgery and endoscopy

LioniX International develops and produces customized BioMEMS based on glass and silicon microtechnology. Examples of chips we have been working on are:

  • Optical biosensors
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Microneedles
  • PCR chips
  • DNA sequencing chips
  • Cell counters