Photonic integrated circuit technology

Our Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) Technology is based on our proprietary TriPleX® waveguide. The broad spectral transparency and ultra-low propagation loss possible with this silicon nitride-based technology enable excellent performance in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, the performance of TriPleX® waveguides enhances our other core technology capabilities in micro and opto-fluidics and MEMS.

Our complimentary services enable you to take advantage this leading technology. These include dedicated development, cost effective multi-project wafer (MPW) runs and comprehensive volume-scalable packaging and assembly services.

Silicon nitride waveguides - triplex - used in applications requiring wide transparency ranges

Silicon nitride waveguides: TriPleX®

Our Photonic Integrated Circuits are based on silicon-nitride waveguides. TriPleX offers ultra-low losses, wide transparency and excellent coupling to fibers, active sources and free space.
a hybrid tunable laser at 850nm in a butterfly package

Photonic packaging and assembly

LioniX International offers several solutions and services for assembly and packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). These specifically apply to...
A MEMS on fabricated wafer

MEMS with photonics

LioniX International is a leading and independent supplier of customized MEMS solutions. Our expertise is product manufacturing from prototype to production volumes. Continue reading on our MEMS website.