MEMS Technology

With over 20 years of experience in microsystems fabrication using MEMS technologies, we have developed a valuable array of technologies designed to realize your MEMS device. Deep reactive ion etching and and wafer bonding are key amongst these vital enabling technologies.

Through continual development in our state of the art cleanroom we have refined existing technologies and continue to develop new custom capabilities in partnership with our customers.

You will find an overview of all of our most important MEMS technologies and building blocks below.

Through wafer holes created using deep reactive ion etching of silicon

Deep Reactive Ion Etching for MEMS

Deep reactive ion etching offers exceptional etch anisotropy and mask selectivity. We use it to create deep, vertical sided features, often with high aspect ratios. We specialize in deep reactive ion etching of silicon and other substrates as part of our full range of MEMS technologies.

Wafer Level Packaging of MEMS

Wafer level packaging for MEMS mitigates against potential disruption of mechanically fragile mems devices. Our wafer level packaging is based on a range of wafer bonding methods including vacuum bonding, hermetic bonding, cavity bonding, aligned bonding and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP).
Red light signals in the TriPleX waveguides of a photic integrated circuit

TriPleX® integrated photonics for optical MEMS

We create high added value optical MEMS (MOEMS) and optofluidics devices. Our expertise in the combination of MEMS and optics is founded on more than 20 years of technological development. Our primary technology is TriPleX® - our proprietary LPCVD silicon nitride photonic platform.
scanning electron microscope image (SEM) image of a silicon on insulator SOI MEMS

Silicon on Insulator Wafers (SOI) Processing

Silicon on insulator wafers (SOI wafers) offer excellent performance for advanced MEMS devices. Our SOI processing includes deep reactive ion etching, release etch, bonding and etch back and trench fill process.
An image of a component layout on MEMS pH meter based on custom ISFET made by LioniX International.

Ion Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor (ISFET)

Our extremely sensitive ISFET based pH sensor technology enables the fabrication of extremely small sensors that can be implanted in living tissue or for real time sensing in catheter probes.