LioniX International news

Close-up of our tunable laser in a 14-pin butterfly package.

LioniX 1310 nm laser at OFC 2024!

Only a few days until OFC! Here’s a final preview of what kind of integrated photonics you will find at our booth #4224
Picture of Ronald Dekker, CTO of LioniX International

LioniX International appoints Ronald Dekker as new CTO

LioniX International is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronald Dekker as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
A photo of the fully assembled and wire-bonded laser module in a 14-pin butterfly package.

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Integrated CW Tunable Laser at 1310 nm

We have developed an 1310 nm ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser built in a TriPleX® silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit.
Attendants of the first in-person BIOMED02 meeting

BIOMED02 Heralds the Future of Diagnostics

With 17 Dutch consortium partners present, the BIOMED02 project is an ambitious undertaking in revolutionizing lab-on-chip production.
Tunable external cavity laser module for Kerr freqyency comb generation

Integrated tunable laser generates Kerr frequency comb for the first time

A new paper demonstrated the use of our tunable external cavity lasers as a pump source for Kerr frequency comb generation, with a new chip-to-chip integration method: photonic wire bonds!
Photo of a TriPleX MPW wafer before final dicing


The TriPleX® silicon nitride multi project wafer PDK is now on IPKISS, with access to all our standard building blocks.
A set of integrated photonics modules which will be featured at our Photonics West booth

LioniX International at Photonics West 2023

Only a few days until Photonics West! Here’s a final preview of what kind of integrated photonics you will find at our booth #5204

Dutch consortium invests in LioniX International

A Dutch consortium led by Invest-NL and, and further consisting of Universiteit Twente Holding, Oost NL and PhotonDelta, invests in the growth ambitions of LioniX International, an Enschede based global leader in customized microsystem solutions.

Radio-frequency Signal Modulation & Filtering in One Chip

The Nonlinear Nanophotonics group of the University of Twente used our ultra-low loss silicon nitride platform to implement a single chip with programmable signal modulation and filtering.

Low Phase Noise Mm-Wave Generation With Dual Hybrid Lasers

Optical transceivers operating in the terahertz range require signal generation with very low phase noise. In collaboration with our partners in Project TERAWAY, we used dual laser sources and an optical frequency comb to generate ITU-compliant signals at 93 GHz carrier frequency.