MEMS Sensors and Instrumentation

LioniX International is a MEMS foundry with significant experience in the development and production of MEMS sensors and MEMS actuators for instrumentation.

Sensor example showing a Cu–CuNi thermopile measuring the temperature gradient as a result of a heat pulse in a flow sensor.

The operation of MEMS sensors is based on various principles, such as for example the piezoresistive effect, the capacitive effect, the temperature coefficient of resistance, the Seebeck effect and the electric field effect.

MEMS sensors find their application in many areas because they are small, can be produced in large volumes with very good reproducibility. The production of microsensor arrays opens new possibilities to map the field of physical parameters.

Sensor example showing a conductivity sensor for contactless measurement in a harsh environment.

Customers of LioniX International use their sensors typically in applications for process control and instrumentation. We have produced MEMS flow sensors, MEMS conductivity sensors, MEMS pressure sensors, MEMS pH sensors, acceleration sensors/MEMS accelerometers and others.

The sensors produced by LioniX International are OEM parts with high added value in products sold by our customers, enabling them to address new markets.