Ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser

Our photonic integrated circuit-based tunable laser has a unique combination of wavelength accuracy, tunability and high output power. The ultra narrow linewidth tunable laser system has a hybrid photonic integrated circuit (PIC) construction. This PIC laser combines the best of both worlds, with an active gain section and an ultra low loss tunable external cavity using silicon nitride TriPleX® waveguides .

Technology: Tunable photonic integrated circuit (PIC) based external cavity laser

The main concept follows from our hybrid assembly approach, that combines low- loss silicon-nitride PIC with active gain PICs. For this specific laser we attached a gain section PIC in InP technology hybridly to a tunable reflector PIC creating an external cavity laser. The gain section creates the first mirror and the necessary gain, the silicon-nitride based TriPleX® PIC acts as a tunable wavelength dependent mirror.


We are able to customize our laser to the requirements of your application. For our of-the-shelf version of this we have a standard specification sheet. Highlight of these specifications are:

  • Fiber output power: >13dBm
  • Lorentz linewidth <10kHz

Available wavelengths

C-band tunable laser

We offer lasers for communications applications that are tunable over the full c-band wavelength range (1530-1565 nm).

850nm tunable laser

This near-infrared tunable laser is optimized to avoid the absorption peak of water for applications for life sciences.

Visible wavelength tunable laser

We have produced tunable lasers centered on different visible wavelengths and can discuss the options for your specification.

Custom laser development

The photonic integrated tunable laser system is highly adaptable. Functionality can be added or adapted within the silicon nitride external cavity.

To create custom features we integrated additional application specific functions on the same TriPleX® silicon nitride cavity. For your application specific design we also have the c-band laser available as a building block in our Multi Project Wafer (MPW) Process Design Kit (PDK). And since TriPleX® functions excellently from 405 to 2350nm you can easily adapt the concept to other applications, requiring different wavelengths bands.


Wavelength range can be customized to develop lasers for applications in LiDAR, optical phased arrays, sensing and imaging.

Further information

Find our more about participating in multi project wafer (MPW) runs to make use of the tunable laser building block.

Need a more information, or a customized laser system?