Deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) for MEMS

Deep reactive ion etching is a foundational technique for MEMS fabrication and a form of dry etching. It offers exceptional etch anisotropy and mask selectivity. We use it to create deep, vertical sided features, often with high aspect ratios. We specialize in deep reactive ion etching of silicon and other substrates as part of our full range of MEMS technologies.

Through wafer holes created using deep reactive ion etching of silicon

Capabilities for deep reactive ion etching

    • Bosch and ICP
    • Through wafer etching
    • DRIE on Silicon, Fused Silica and SOI wafers
    • High Aspect Ratio etching
    • Multilevel etching using buried mask technology
    • Etchstop on SiO2
    • Trench fill process

Using DRIE etching in combination with the release process, LioniX is capable of producing free moving silicon actuator and sensing structures on SOI wafers (true MEMS)  such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, cantilevers, comb drives and more.