LPCVD silicon nitride and other deposition services at LioniX International

LioniX deposit LPCVD silicon nitride and other high quality films of insulator and dielectric materials. We specialize in LPCVD services offering high purity layers with conformal growth in thicknesses up to one µm. The high temperatures involved in LPCVD processing make it incompatible with metals.

Available LPCVD services

LPCVD Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

LPCVD (Si3N4) Silicon nitride is used in our proprietary TriPleX® formulation for record low-loss photonic waveguides. It also has excellent electrical resistivity and is used to make MEMS membranes.

SiRN Low stress silicon nitride

LPCVD low stress nitride is used generally in nanofabrication as a masking material. As a low stress form of nitride it makes excellent membranes.


We control the material properties of our LPCVD polysilicon such a grain size and stress for a variety of applications. In MEMS applications polysilicon is mainly used as a structural layer or as a masking layer for wet etching on fused silica substrates.

TEOS Silicon Dioxide SiO2

LPCVD TEOS provides excellent step coverage with high film quality. We offer this process step primarily for trench filling and top cladding.