Photonic integrated circuit modules

Whatever performance improvement you’re searching for, be it in signal capacity,  measurement precision or the sensitivity of a sensor, photonic integrated circuit modules (PIC modules) present exciting possibilities.

But the challenges you face are likely to be industry specific, complex and rarely understandable in terms of optics alone. To take full advantage of photonic integrated circuits, your solution needs to tackle your challenges on a system level, addressing your vital performance parameters.

Furthermore, to support commercial success, your solution will not only need to be high performing but will also need to integrate seamlessly with your existing system architecture and be inherently scalable.

Vertically integrated expertise for PIC-based modules

We understand the challenges of creating game-changing systems. That is why we’re more than a PIC manufacturer. We support photonic integrated circuit development from the ground up, first scoping out your challenge and then co-developing not just PICs, but PIC enabled modular solutions.

To directly address your challenge we bring together complimentary technology, know-how and intellectual property, photonic integrated circuit design competencies and photonic fabrication expertise to develop scalable solutions that integrate optimally into your system.

a photonic integrated circuit module produced througha vertically integrated approach

Systems thinking and photonic IC module development

We don’t just miniaturize, we integrate. By thinking about your whole system we develop modules with optimum levels of integrated functionality. This way we go beyond the level of component miniaturization and create modules that revolutionize the performance of your products. Furthermore, with our in-house volume fabrication and photonic packaging capability, we have the capabilities to design for your product success, building in volume scalability from the start.

Photonic integrated circuit module design and manufacture

We work from design to device and everything in between. This includes expertise and facilities for:

  • Architecture design
  • Photonic IC layout and mask design
  • Optical simulation
  • Design for volume manufacture and packaging
  • Small and medium volume production, packaging and assembly
  • Testing and characterization.
a photonic integrated circuit at the heart of a module
integration of photonic integrated circuits into a module

Photonic IC modules and advanced functionality

Our custom module development process benefits from standardized building blocks for advanced functionality including:

  • Integration of active components: detector arrays, VCSELS, photodiodes
  • High speed, ultra-low power phase or amplitude actuators using novel piezo materials.
  • Hybrid integration of active photonic integrated circuits with low-loss passive TriPleX® silicon nitride PICs.

Connectivity and integration

A photonic integrated circuit is only useful if it can be connected, controlled and integrated. We therefore specialize in connectivity and control solutions including:

  • Building blocks for coupling of light through fibers or free space interfaces
  • Electronics design and production including driver electronics, RF connectivity, control and readout hardware.
  • Software development including drivers and control systems
  • Mechanical engineering of instrumentation, housings, shielding, systems for heat management and optimal mechanical integration with your systems.
electronics PCB for photonic integrated circuit module