LioniX International appoints Ronald Dekker as new CTO

LioniX International BV, a global leader in silicon nitride Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) design and manufacturing, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronald Dekker as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective January 1, 2024.

Bringing over 25 years of expertise in material engineering, microfabrication, integrated optics, packaging, and assembly, Ronald Dekker is ready to lead technical operations, steer research initiatives, and further help LioniX grow within the ecosystem of integrated photonics. Since joining LioniX International in 2016, following the merger of LioniX BV, XiO Photonics BV, and SatraX BV, he has been an invaluable force in guiding the Module and Assembly group. Prior to joining LioniX International, he held various leadership positions, including senior researcher at the Integrated Optical Micro Systems Research Chair of the University of Twente and CTO at XiO Photonics. His contributions at XiO Photonics were particularly notable, focusing on standardization and assembly methods for integrated optics. Ronald’s extensive background is grounded in his academic journey, earning a B.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and a Ph.D. degree in Integrated Optics from the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

Picture of Ronald Dekker, CTO of LioniX International

As a crucial member of the management team, Ronald will continue the legacy of his predecessor, René Heideman, who expressed full support towards this change: “After having been CTO since the founding of LioniX International BV in 2001, I’m very happy to see Ronald Dekker as my successor. Ronald is the right person in the right place to guide LioniX on its path forward. It’s my pleasure to continue my activities for LioniX as a strategic business developer to support further growth as a leader in the silicon nitride PIC revolution.” René Heideman

Ronald, fully embracing his new role, shares his excitement: “After working for 17 years at LioniX International and its spinouts, I am excited and feel honored to take over the role as CTO of LioniX International from René Heideman. I look very much forward to continuing his work, facilitating further innovation and success.”