Custom MEMS design support services

Our unique strength is in developing custom MEMS processes to precisely meet your specification. To do this we often work from your existing design and will work for you to turn your design into a MEMS mask ready for production.

A MEMS on fabricated wafer

Our experienced designers convert your MEMS design, whether it be a sketch in PowerPoint or a concept mask in GDS format, into a mask set. We usually import from DXF and Solid Works files, or if required we redraw your dimensioned PDF drawings.

We will always review your MEMS design for manufacturability and after your final approval, we will send off the design for mask manufacturing.

Vertical integration and MEMS design

As a vertically integrated MEMS foundry, will aim to not only produce your MEMS chip but to optimize the value that your device delivers. We do this by ensuring it will function as required in its environment, optimizing the chip for packaging and integration into your system. We are also available to advise on functional design, bringing expertise from hundreds of custom MEMS solutions to bear on your custom MEMS development.