A photonic integrated circuit module for integrated microwave photonics

LioniX International has set a world record by manufacturing and characterizing the world’s first fully integrated optical beamforming network (iOBFN). This chip-based module is built around the hybrid Indium Phosphide-TriPleX platform which combines chip-based modulators, lasers and detectors with the low-loss silicon nitride waveguide technology where further signal processing, such as filtering, phase shifting and group delay is performed.

To our knowledge, this is the first fully integrated microwave photonic module that provides full RF-to-RF functionality and combines 4 RF-signal inputs to 1 combined RF output. These modules will be used in beamforming modules for broadband satellite communication at Ka band (19 GHz), and are an essential step towards development for future 5G mmWave wireless applications at even higher frequencies (28 GHz and 60 GHz). They provide outdoor and indoor wireless coverage and capacity to end users and enable real time HD video, gaming and communication.