PIX4life (Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuit Pilot line for Life Science Applications in the Visible Range) project focuses on maturing a high performance, high yielding and CMOS-processing compatible Silicon Nitride (SiN) Photonic Integrated Circuit (IC) pilot line together with the accompanying supply chain for applications in the visible range (400 – 1000 nm) in order to become the world’s premier pilot line for multi-type integrated biophotonic applications. Consequently, PIX4life is intended to pave the way towards miniaturizing and increasing the cost effectiveness of currently bulky and expensive optical life science systems.


Within PIX4Life, LioniX is responsible for the complete management of the MPW-runs on the TripleX® platform, including the fabrication of the optical chips. LioniX will optimize its TriPlex® technology for the use in the visible light regime. Lionix will also provide test-data to validate and confirm the building blocks as used in the MPW-PDK. Last but not least, LioniX can provide post-processing services as polishing of end-facets, the fitting of optical fibers  or even the fabrication of so-called sensing windows: local removal of the topcladding to create regions in which the light in the waveguides can interact with a medium.


Find more information about this project and its progress on the website of PIX4life.