Only a few days until Photonics West! Here’s a final preview of what kind of integrated photonics you will find at our booth #5204

Our Photonics West expo team is composed entirely of engineers, ready to get into the details of our silicon nitride TriPleX® platform and how we can customize it for your application. As a vertically integrated solution provider, we do way more with silicon photonics than a normal foundry, who simply fabricate your photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We can take ideas from a functional design to a packaged device with scalable processes for variable production volumes. To help spark some ideas, we have a collection of PIC-powered modules designed for a multitude of different applications, from telecom to the life science. At the heart of each module is a PIC with all the necessary support systems for its function, like strain-relieved fibre arrays for light input and/or output, electrical interconnections for driver electronics, and thermal management, all wrapped up in industry-standard packages.

Our laser technology tunes to new wavelengths

Using our ultra-low optical loss platform as an external cavity, we debuted our tunable laser technology at the typical tele- and datacom wavelength range around 1550 nm. Since then, we expanded the range towards 850 nm and 680 nm for life science, quantum, and sensing applications. We can now also offer a 780 nm laser with the same external cavity technology.

The demand for the laser arose initially from our involvement in project REAP. The project is developing novel photoacoustic cancer detection tools, specifically targeting recurring cancer.

A set of integrated photonics modules which will be featured at our Photonics West booth

Our fleet of modules in formation

To achieve high accuracy testing and diagnosis, a precise laser with a narrow linewidth and fast tuning was required. The integration of the laser on-chip achieved less than 10 kHz linewidth and 1ms tuning speed. We prepared a briefing on the project and the laser we are developing for it, which we will make available for visitors at Photonics West. If you are curious but will not be attending the expo, head over to our project summary to read more, access the project website, and download the briefing.

A new demonstrator debuting at Photonics West 2023!

Our custom solutions development includes our tunable lasers! This year, we are showing off a new demonstrator of our tunable laser with a wavelength range of 820 to 850 nm. The packaged laser will be connected a laptop running the control software and a spectrometer measuring the laser output.

We will let the laser tune across its wavelength range for all three days of the expo. Stop by our booth at #5204 to see it for yourself, as well as do some hands-on tuning of your own!

Our contributions to the conference sessions

We are giving a couple of talks at the conference section of Photonics West as well as the co-located AR|VR|MR event. Raimond Frentrop is presenting at the following times:

On Monday the 30th of January, 2 PM: Hybrid integrated RGB light engine for AR in silicon nitride PIC technology. During Session 3 of the Optical Architectures for Displays and Sensing in Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality IV conference (12449), Room 3022 on Level 3, West. Part of the AR|VR|MR program.

Packaged integrated photonic tunable laser which will be demonstrated at Photonics West

This laser has a long flight ahead of it

If this AR light engine intrigues you, be sure to drop by our partner Brilliance’s booth at the AR|VR|MR expo (#221) to learn more.

On Tuesday the 31st of January, 9 AM: 800 nm narrow linewidth tunable hybrid laser based on a dual microring external cavity. During Session 1 of the Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XXII conference (12440), Room 157 on Upper Mezzanine, South. Part of the Photonics West program.

Our partners in the Holland Pavilion are also contributing to the conferences, including presentations by Dimitri Geskus of Chilas, Cornelis Franken and Soheila Mardani of the University of Twente.

We look forward to meeting you all at San Francisco and talking about all things integrated photonics, silicon nitride, and scalable module production. See you at Photonics West!