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photonic integrated circuit foundry operator holding a silicon nitride wafer

KIVI Innovation drinks

Join KIVI and key players in the Twente-based integrated photonics ecosystem for an evening of inspiring discussions and networking focused on the region’s innovative power.
LioniX International staff at OFC conference

OFC conference: Where to see us in action

We’re super excited to be back at one of the world’s biggest optical technology conferences. Find out where to see us.
A beamformer chip with actuators on chip

Ultra low power fast actuation for TriPleX photonic integrated circuits

We're presenting the latest results on ultra-low power actuators at Photonics West on-demand 21-27th February.
narrow linewidth 850nm tunable laser

Presenting 850nm tunable lasers at OFC in March

We're presenting tunable lasers at 850nm intended for life science applications at the OFC conference next month.
chris roellofzen veder prize small

Our CSO Chris Roeloffzen presented with Veder Prize for beamformer development

The Veder Prize, which recognizes exceptional contributions to the field of radio or related sciences was last week awarded to LioniX’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Chris Roeloffzen.
integrated microwave photonics based integrated optical beamformer

Our CSO Chris Roeloffzen to receive Veder Prize

Last night LioniX International CSO Dr Chris Roeloffzen was awarded the Veder Prize for the development of a photonic beamformer.
AR laser light engine with beam or RGB light

A new world you wear everyday: A laser light engine for augmented reality headsets

LioniX International announces an integrated RGB laser light engine for retinal projection augmented reality headsets.
LioniX International biosensor chips on PCBs

€8.5m investment accelerates availability of integrated photonic biosensing for early disease detection

LioniX International biosensing partner Surfix announces an investment of € 8,5 million to accelerate development of rapid diagnostics platform using LioniX International biochips.
Profile of Dr Peter Maat head of Integrated Microwave Photonics

LioniX International welcomes new Group Leader of Integrated Microwave Photonics

We’re delighted to welcome Dr Peter Maat to LioniX International as Head of our Integrated Microwave Photonics Group.
Banner of our some female scientists

Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in STEM

To mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Stem today some of our women engineers and scientists took some time out to reflect on what they find exiting about working in STEM.