Fish and chips impress dutch-german ‘Rocketeers’

LioniX International along with project partners Qurin, Nytor and Tunatech showcased the benefits of photonic sensor chips for improved food security last month. The technology demonstration took place as park of the Rocket Reloaded closing ceremony on May 16th.

The Rocket (RegiOnal Collaboration on Key Enabling Technologies) Reloaded project, is a Dutch-German collaboration to spearhead innovation in the border area between the two counties. Through its role in the project, LioniX International further demonstrated the competitiveness of the sensor technology by decreasing size and cost of the chips. In particular in this project low cost-chips are important for applications in DNA sensing for the detection of fish diseases in aquaculture.

lionix international and other project members at the rocket reloaded event

Rocket Reloaded partners outside the celebration event