Record-low linewidth laser

Record-low linewidth demonstrated in the same hybrid integration technology as our ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser:

The Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics department at the University of Twente MESA+ research institute, Applied Nanophotonics, has demonstrated a record low linewidth of 290 Hz for a tunable laser. The laser is fabricated in the same photonic integration technology as LioniX International’s hybrid integrated approach: combining InP gain chip with a TriPleX™ chip designed as tunable narrowband mirror.

This low linewidth finds use in many new applications in tele/datacom, life science and metrology, like 5G networks, optimized GPS systems, fiber based sensing systems and many more.

More information:

The whole press release by University of Twente.

Ultra-low linewidth tunable laser by LioniX International.