Ultra Narrow linewidth tunable laser available

LioniX International has developed a narrow line-width tunable laser based on a hybridly integrated external cavity laser. The concept uses state-of-the-art Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology and has distinctive advantages of which the most important are:

–  Ultra narrow line width

–  Broadband tuning

–  Small footprint/size

External cavity tunable laser

The main concept is shown in the figure below: A gain section PIC is hybridly attached to a tunable reflector PIC creating an external cavity laser. The gain section creates the first mirror and the necessary gain, the silicon nitride (Si3N4) based TriPleX™ PIC acts as a tunable wavelength dependent mirror.

Additional application specific functions can be integrated on the same TriPleX™ PIC to create custom features.

 Towards other applications

Another advantage of this approach is that the technology can be used in other than C-band applications. Gain section PICs are available in ranges in the VIS, NIR and MIR as well. TriPleX™ operates over broad bandwidth of 405 to 2350 nm.

First series ready for ordering: please contact us at info@lionix-int.com