POETICS is a H2020 Research and Innovation project funded by the European Union aiming to bring the optical interconnect technology with all performance, functionality and cost credentials and allow the Datacenter (DC) networks to scale and the 5G wired infrastructures to grow.

Enabling Terabit capacity optical interconnects requires a paradigm shift in the packaging approach. The electrical interconnect distance between the optical engine and the digital switching chip must be minimized and signal conditioning chips and unwanted components that are required and inevitably lead to increased power consumption and reduced signal integrity, should be removed. It also requires the right combination of photonic and electronic technology to be integrated in order to deliver high performance, low-cost and energy efficient optical engines.


LioniX International leads the efforts for the development of the tunable narrow linewidth laser to achieve 10 kHz linewidth over 50 nm in the C-band and assists PHIX Photonics Assembly in developing a high-volume compatible InP flip-chip bonding process on TriPleX®.


Find more information about this project and its progress on the Poetics website.