PIC Training Silicon Valley 2019

Want to learn photonic integration? Design your own chip? Know all about how to assemble a Photonic Integrated Circuit into a proper working photonic module?

Join the annual PIC training in Santa Clara, California organized by 7Pennies Consulting. The training is one-stop-shop and covers all the material systems, whether Silicon, InP-based, or dielectrics such as TriPleX (SiO2/Si3N4). The training is supported by a broad consortium of companies and is hands-on as well as in-depth. Click here for more info.

The week-long program is such that it provides a quick but in-depth training on everything that you need for producing photonic integrated circuits. The program covers system aspects, a component tutorial, simulations and chip layout, foundry services for all material systems, packaging, test & measurement, and business/marketing essentials.

If you want to join this training or future ones, please subscribe here.