OFC conference: Where to see us in action

LioniX International booth number 5607

LioniX International staff at OFC conference

Meet LioniX International staff at OFC. From left: MPW Co-ordinator Robert Grootjans, CEO Arne Leinse and Project Engineer Noor Schilder.

We’re super excited to be back in person at one of the world’s biggest optical technology conferences. Since the last time we were able to travel to the US we’ve been busy. So there’s plenty from the world of silicon nitride integrated photonics to get you up to speed on including:

  • Launching our 850nm narrow linewidth tunable laser for life science and sensing applications
  • THz RF signal generation using dual wavelength lasers
  • Visible light photonic integrated circuits for metrology and sensing
  • Full modular solutions to your challenges using photonic integrated circuits

LioniX International highlights at OFC

Presentation: “850 nm Hybrid-Integrated Tunable Laser With Si3N4 Microring Resonator Feedback Circuits”

Speaker Noor Schilder, 9.30-9.45 PST, Thursday 10 March, Room 6D – San Diego Convention Center

To our knowledge a world-first, we are launching broadly tunable 850nm laser using a silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit-based external cavity. Project engineer Noor Schilder who led the development says: “I’m excited to be presenting this 850nm laser, which shows some really exceptional performance in terms of tunability, output power and linewidth as well as stability. The technology is the same as we developed for lasers at other wavelengths, but the 850nm application is particularly interesting. Its has excellent transmission in water and biological tissue, so we’re opening up new applications in areas like lidar and medical imaging.”

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Partner presentation: InP-Si3N4 Hybrid Integrated Optical Source for High-Purity Mm-Wave Communications

Hear from our partners in the Teraway project as Luis Gonzales presents this novel method for generating ultra narrow linewidth RF signals using a dual wavelength laser.