Networking event – KIVI Innovation Drinks: Global challenges, Twents solutions

Opportunities and value generated through innovation in photonics.

16.30-19.00, 31 March, The Gallery, UT Campus, Enschede

Complimentary drinks and snacks provided

Join KIVI and key players in the Twente-based integrated photonics ecosystem for an evening of inspiring discussions and networking focused on the region’s innovative power.

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are now delivering on hype that has surrounded the technology for over twenty years. PICs sit at the heart of revolutionary innovations in ground and space-based communications, datacom, imaging, sensing and more.

And whilst the industry and its markets are truly global, the Netherlands delivers more than its fare share of value. As a growing technology hub, and a center of photonic innovation, Twente too punches above its weight.

Focusing on the leading technology developed here in Enschede and its environs, we ask:

“What does it take to innovate? And what is it about the research groups and businesses concentrated around Enschede that enables them to effectively tackle global challenges?”

Speaker bios

Prof. Dr. Sonia Garcia-Blanco – Full Professor, University Twente

Sonia Garcia Blanco leads the Integrated Optical Systems Group at the University of Twente where she works on integrated optical chips and light amplification. Applications of the technology include LiDAR (with uses in autonomous transport and logistics), high speed communications and biosensors. Her work underpins the formation of many of the building blocks used to develop the next generation of communications and sensing technology.

Tom Horner – Science Communication Professional, LioniX International

LioniX International enables innovation for system builders by developing customized microsystem modules (especially those using integrated photonics). Applications include augmented reality, communications, biosensing and quantum processing. The company occupies a relatively unique place between fundamental research and market application. Fortunately, Twente is rich in both research partners and world-leading commercial technology developers. In his talk, Tom will outline how LioniX International plays a vital role in enabling the link between research and development and commercialization and outline opportunities in the growing microsystems and photonics industry.

Dr Jörn Epping – Senior Project Manager, QuiX Quantum

QuiX Quantum have are delivering the worlds largest quantum photonic processors to research institutions across Europe. The turnkey solutions that QuiX Quantum develop enable quantum processing almost-out of the box. Consequently, they are leading contenders for the development of large-scale quantum computing. The technology at the heart of the system is a photonic integrated circuit, designed and fabricated in Enschede. As a the person responsible for supporting the roll out of this technology, Jörn will address ways in which QuiX Quantum’s technology is responding to the needs of the quantum market and how the technology they develop here is unique in addressing key challenges in commercialization.