Presenting 850nm tunable lasers at OFC in March

a hybrid tunable laser at 850nm in a butterfly package

We’re presenting tunable lasers at 850nm at the OFC conference next month. The announcement marks the further development of our tunable laser capabilities. The offering already comprises standard 1550nm and custom 680nm devices.

The 850nm specification is particularly suited to life science and medical imaging applications. This is due to the transparency of water (and living tissue) at for light of this wavelength. Whilst tunable lasers already exist at 850nm, they are limited in output power and tuning range.

Importantly, the new lasers will also benefit from the robustness and scalability of integrated photonics. In an earlier blog post we reported that a LioniX laser had undergone extreme vibration and temperature testing and lived to lase another day.

Catch the presentation at OFC given by LioniX’s Noor Schilder at 9.30am (PST) Thursday 8th March.