LioniX International is 20 this week!

This week marked our 20th anniversary. We looked back with pride at 20 years of innovation and technology leadership in integrated photonics and customized microsystems solutions.

See what our team had to say in our linkedin video tribute.

Our 20th anniversary has been a great opportunity to reflect on achievements. It was also a time to recognize and give thanks to the many brilliant organizations and individuals that have been part of the LioniX International story so far. Whether as team members, customers, partners or colleagues in the microsystems ecosystem, it’s been wonderful working with you all.

The LioniX International Story

The company now known as LioniX International grew from three Dutch start-ups Satrax BV, XiO Photonics BV and LioniX BV. LioniX was originally founded as Lion Photonics in 2001 by Hans van De Vlekkert and René Heideman, both still part of the LioniX International leadership team.

Through the strategic acquisition of its predecessors, LioniX International captured expertise along the supply chain. This enabled the newly formed LioniX International to act as the truly “one stop shop provider” it is today –  offering vertically integrated microsystems solutions to customers across key application areas – in telecom/datacom, life science and metrology.

Commenting on the milestone, LioniX International CEO Arne Leinse said: “I’d like to thank everyone at LioniX, our partners and our customers for 20 years of amazing work. It’s been a team effort and I’m proud to be a part of it!”