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Close-up of our tunable laser in a 14-pin butterfly package.

Integrated tunable laser at 800 nm

We have developed an 800 nm ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser built in a TriPleX silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit.

Custom External Cavity Tunable Lasers

The broad transparency of our photonic platform means that we can develop an external cavity tunable laser for any wavelength between 2350 and 405 nm.
The benchtop solution developed by LioniX International, including the ROADM PIC and its ancillary components.

Hotspot 4K Video Streaming With Integrated Photonics

Using phased array antennae and a TriPleX-powered multiplexer, our partners demonstrated 5G network infrastructure able to provide 4K video streaming at a football stadium.
Schematic of the experimental setup using a structured light trap. Left: Layout of the trap electrodes and photonic structures. Right: Schematic of the intensity profile of the light field.

Photonic Ion Traps Help Break New Ground in Quantum Processing

Silicon nitride, with its low optical losses and passive components, allowed researchers in ETH Zurich to implement novel ion traps, new qubit preparation protocols, fine ion control with structured light, and high-purity circular light polarizations.

Day of Photonics 2022 Edition!

We had a small celebration of the Day of Photonics at LioniX International, and we decided to give you a sneak peek at the basic science behind our work and what makes it so innovative.
Artist's render of the University of Twente's High Tech Foundry for silicon nitride production in Enschede.

A New Silicon Nitride Foundry in Enschede

Paul van Gerven of Bits & Chips magazine spoke to our CEO Arne Leinse and CTO René Heideman about the new silicon nitride foundry planned for Enschede. The foundry will allow medium volume chip production in the region.
volume fabricated RGB light engines for AR

Scalable laser module for AR: A first look at wafer-level fabrication

Last week we published sneak preview photos of a whole wafer of structures that will go into highly scalable and compact AR laser modules.
An integrated photonic laser made by a laser design engineer

Three hottest integrated photonics applications for silicon nitride

CEO Arne Leinse gives his overview of silicon nitride integrated photonics and the hottest applications right now.
hybrid integrated laser to go into quantum cryostat

LioniX laser impresses the cool kids

A LioniX International laser has shown consistent output power in cryogenic temperatures, paving the way for use in super-cooled quantum research.
QuiX quantum processing control unit

Quantum photonic processor successes

LioniX International TriPleX™ waveguides are at the heart of quantum photonic processors sold to research institutions across Europe.
Light propagating in a Haar transform optical chip fabricated via our visible light multi project wafer.

TriPleX® for image processing

A group of researchers have used LioniX International technology to build a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that drastically compresses image data.
photonic biosensor chip on a fingertip

Photonic biosensor applied to aquaculture: SensiChip

LioniX International reduce cost and size of photonic biosensor chips for a new biosensor for fish farms