Silicon nitride modules

LioniX International develops customized modules based on silicon-nitride integrated photonic circuits. We provide customized solutions for OEM and system integrators. Optical waveguides and in particular Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) find applications in broad application scopes for their compact form factor, scalability and its general capability to manipulate light.

Silicon nitride waveguides - triplex - used in applications requiring wide transparency ranges

LioniX manufactures modules based silicon-nitride waveguides nearly since the start in 2001. Silicon-nitride has advantageous optical properties of low propagation losses and a broad range of wavelengths it can transport.
Our Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) enabled modules are based on our proprietary TriPleX™ waveguide technology. This silicon nitride-based waveguide platform provides signifcant advantages over a broad spectral range and enables ultra-low propagation loss, making it attractive for
use in a large suite of applications in telecom/datacom, life science, and metrology. In addition, the performance of TriPleX™ waveguides enhances our other core technology capabilities in micro- and opto-fluidics and MEMS