Thank you for your interest in our MPW service

Our Multi- Project Wafer runs (MPWs) give you an unique possibility of using our TriPleX waveguide technology in your application. Our silicon-nitride based technology, providing ultra-low on-chip losses as well as a broad operating spectrum, supports many applications, like for example in telecommunication, quantum computing and communication, microwave photonics, (bio) sensing, interferometry and metrology.

The MPW is a great fit when you:

  • Are exploring integrated photonics’ possibilities
  • Just need a few chips for your design
  • Are investigating what technology fits your application
  • Are looking for lowest entry costs

We offer you this MPW, including a set of standard and validated building blocks that are easily accessible via a software tool. Thus you are able to start designing your chip rapidly and bring your idea to live in a photonic IC. Not sure if you can deal with a bare photonic IC? No worries, our design tools have a template available that supports the assembly of the chip into a module with fiber connections and electronic leads. Significant detail: all at a fixed price.


Schedule for the coming runs for MPW 1550:

21st run 22nd run 23rd run
Tape out 30 November 2020 31 March 2021 31 July 2021
Devices ready 30 April 2021 31 August 2021 17 December 2021

Schedule for the coming runs for MPW 850:

2nd run
Tape out 11 December 2020
Devices ready 1 May 2021

Schedule for the coming run for Visible MPW:

9th run
Tape out 15 January 2021
Devices ready 30 May 2021