Nano & MEMS Services

LioniX International has a mature technology portfolio for deposition and etching of both glass and silicon based materials. The photonic modules that we realize for our OEM customers have always driven the optimization of our technology portfolio and offering as the requirements for photonic products are very demanding. Already from the beginning of  2001 a variety of Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) devices have been manufactured through both single step foundry services and processing and production of complex structures and components. Both services are available for prototyping and volume production in a fully qualified quality system.

Our nano and MEMS foundry services are performed in the MESA+ Nanolab, where also small to medium volume production is done. In addition, high volume manufacturing capabilities are available in our dedicated cleanroom facility in the Republic of Korea.

Our processes are performed on silicon, SOI, borosilicate, fused silica and other substrates. We work with carefully selected wafer manufacturers who deliver on request single/double side polished, doping levels, roughness, bow/warp etc.

In the table below we show an overview of some of the processes we can offer from a single step service to full production of MEMS based devices.

CVD depositions
–          LPCVD silicon-nitride (stoichiometric)

–          LPCVD silicon-rich-nitride (low stress !!)

–          LPCVD polysilicon

–          Thermal oxidation (wet and dry)

–          Thermally grown thick SiO2

–          TEOS silicon oxide

Thin film PVD depositions
–          Metals (Sputtering and evaporation of Cr, Au, Ni, Al, Pt, Pd, Ti, Ta, Cu, CuNi, NiFe, W, Ag, In, …)

–          Dielectrics (pyrex, silicondioxide, siliconmonixide, …)

Dry etching
–          Deep RIE of silicon (ICP plasma source, Cryogenic cooling)

–          Deep RIE of glasses (borosilicate and fused silica)

–          Dielectrics (silicon, siliconoxide and siliconnitride with SF6, CHF3, CF4, O2 and other plasmas)

Wet etching
–          KOH etching of silicon

–          Isotropic wet glass etching in HF

–          Metal etching in various etchants

Wafer bonding
–          Anodic Bonding of borosilicate glasses

–          Direct Bonding and Fusion Bonding of fused silica, silicon and borosilicate glasses


Other cleanroom processes
–          Chemical mechanical planarisation (CMP) of silicon oxynitrides

–          Polymers (SU8, Polyimide, …)

–          Annealing and reflow of silicon oxynitrides

–          Implantations of Boron, Phosphorus and Arsenic

–          Solid source doping (SSD) of Boron

–          Diffusion and drive-in of dopings

–          Optical Microscpoy

–          Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

–          Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

–          Surface Profiling

–          Ellipsometry

–          X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

–          Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

–          Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX)

Back-end processing
–          Dicing

–          Wire bonding

–          Pigtailing of optical chips

–          Chip-on-Board

–          Assembly

–          Fluidic interfacing

–          Electrical testing (various wafer probers for wafer level testing of semiconductor parameters, temperature cycling etc.)

–          Fluidic characterization

–          Optical characterization