The Eurostar OCTIC (Photonic Integrated Circuit based Optical Coherence Tomography) project will deliver an OCT system based on spectral domain OCT where the interferometer and spectrometer are integrated onto a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC). The PIC will be combined with a scanning lens system in order to realize a fully integrated handheld OCT system.


Within this project LioniX International is the designer and manufacturer of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with several integrated functionalities that are needed for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). Among these optical functions are a common path interferometer, 512 channel high resolution spectrometer, sampling ports and calibration ports. Besides the integration of various discrete optical functions on a chip, also the assembly and packaging of the complete system is the task of LioniX. In order to make a huge step in integration and miniaturization, the broadband SLED light source and a CCD array for the readout of the spectrometer will be directly assembled onto the PIC. By integrating the optical functions on chip and bringing the light source and readout electronics close to the PIC, the final module will enable a cost effective handheld OCT system that has similar performance compared to current state of the art commercially available systems.


Find more information about this project and its progress on the OCTIC website.