InSPECT: Integrated Spectrometers for Spectral Tissue Sensing.

The goal of InSPECT is to develop miniaturized devices that can characterize tissue in real-time by providing biochemical and morphological information about tissue composition. An optical method is used called spectral tissue sensing (also known as diffuse reflectance spectroscopy) which has been shown by many groups throughout the world to be a promising technique. The project explores the use of spectral sensing for applications in oncology, such as biopsy guidance, lesion margin assessment, lesion ablation therapy and therapy response monitoring. The rationale behind the InSPECT project is that miniaturized, low cost devices for tissue characterization can be translated into medical applications more easily than current bulky, costly devices.


LioniX International contributed to this project by designing and manufacturing a nano spectrometer device, with very broadband performance (400nm to 1700nm). The device is made with the siliconnitride (SiN) Phhotonic integration technology called TriPleX®. The nanospectrometer was assembled to fibers and directly connected to a linear photodetector array.


Find more information about this project and its progress on the InSPECT website.